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What is NA?

We are a group of addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. We have found a simple and effective method of recovery from the disease of addiction. As a world wide program of recovery we are present in 139 countries and hold approximately 70,000 meetings a week.

To gain more in-depth knowledge you can download the Information about N.A. or our Membership Survey pamphlet.

The Free State Region of Narcotics Anonymous Public Relations Committee maintains this website, the collective meeting directory for meetings in Maryland , Delaware  and Virginia, we provide support to our member area’s public relations efforts, act as a conduit of communication between the public ( people who might think they have a drug problem & those looking for help ), professionals in the addiction and medical fields, public health professionals, Departments of Corrections and more. If you would like to have contact with us please email Regional Web-Admin with Additions/Changes. , we will be glad to offer additional information regarding NA to you.

You can download a Regional Meeting Directory

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