Spiritual Principles a Day

September 30, 2023
Unity in All Our Affairs
Page 282
"What we learn about unity in NA helps us to figure out how to be members of our families, members of our communities, members of a team at work or at play."
Living Clean, Chapter 1, "Desperation to Passion"

Before coming to NA, many of us had little experience with fitting in. We felt like extraterrestrial visitors and rarely believed that we belonged. We had a creeping feeling that we were imposters and lived in fear of others finding out that we were hiding behind a front.

This sense of loneliness and distrust made early recovery difficult. We wanted what NA members had, but couldn't open up long enough to let anyone in. We had to start somewhere, so we tested the wisdom of the advice we'd heard by joining home groups. Soon, we found ourselves with service positions and sponsors. We began to feel a part of the Fellowship more often than not. Even when our sense of belonging shifts, we find that we're often doing better than we are feeling. We remain works in progress.

By participating in our recovery, we learn to participate in life. We start talking to our families; we stick with a job long enough to get to know people and even let them get to know us. Thanks to NA and our experiences in the rooms, many of us have been able to reconcile with our families, serve our communities, and enjoy life. Our lives are transformed; we find fulfillment and purpose as we contribute to unity in all areas of our lives. On most days, we feel whole.

———     ———     ———     ———     ———
I will continue to walk through my fears and join in when it seems right. I will continue to open up and give back so that I can be a part of something bigger than myself.